"AMoS is a fantastic creative writing program for children"

A Maze of Story (AMoS) is a volunteer-based organisation based in Perth, WA. AMoS conducts in-school creative writing workshops to give children aged 7 – 12 the opportunity to foster their creative voices and have their ideas shared and respected.

What is AMoS?

A Maze of Story (AMoS) is a Perth-based not-for-profit organisation that provides a program of creative writing for children. The program is currently being delivered as workshops in selected primary schools.

Each workshop is led by a story-weaver with the help of six volunteer tutors, who have been trained to provide encouragement and focussed attention to the children selected to take part.

Twelve children are selected, by the teachers and principal at the school, as most likely to benefit from an intervention such as this. These children may be disengaged or struggling with their school work, or they may be indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse, or they may be just one of those children not typically selected to take part in the usual extra-curricular arts programs. They are not children with a special talent for writing or for being creative.

Children’s engagement with writing increases when they realise their work will be published in an anthology, or shown to an audience at a public event. Sharing their work, celebrating it, and holding it up alongside the work of adult writers is empowering. Every child who participates fully will come away from an AMoS program with a published piece of writing.

To date, we have produced sixteen print anthologies of the children’s stories and drawings. Each child gets a copy to take home and an additional copy is lodged in the school library.

As soon as we raise sufficient funds for set-up and ongoing management, we aim to open a shopfront or writing hub close to the city, as a place for children to escape to write and imagine so that we can expand the scope and reach of the program.





Latest News from A Maze of Story:

March 2018: New year, new partnerships. Read about the good news here.

September 2017: Powering through 2017, read the latest newsletter here.

March 2017: Read the latest newsletter here.

November 2016: The latest newsletter is now available here.

URGENT: We are again calling for more volunteers and story-weavers, so that we can take the program into even more schools. If you are able to assist, please refer to our volunteer information here.

November 2016: The second AGM for the organisation was held on 9th November.

October 2016: Our art auction, held on October 9th, was a great success, raising much-welcome funds for our operations.

September 2016: AMoS is pleased to announce that Captain Cook Cruises is now a sponsor.

August 2016: Planning for our Art Auction — to be held on 9th October 2016 at Centre for Stories, 100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge — is well underway. For more information see here.

July 2016: AMoS is pleased to announce the appointment of two Patrons: Brigid Lowry and Sean Avery.

June 2016: The latest newsletter is available here.

26th January 2016: Of importance to A Maze of Story is the Local Hero award won by Dr Catherine Keenan recognising her work in co-establishing the Sydney Story Factory: Local Hero Award winner Dr Keenan has been of the utmost assistance in supporting and advising on the set up of A Maze of Story.

28th November 2015: This article about A Maze of Story appeared in Perth Voice: “Writing Unlocks a Maze“.

14th November 2015: Our latest newsletter is attached here.

14th October 2015: The inaugural AGM was held on October 14th. We are pleased to report that thirty people attended.