Words have power. Words can create worlds and transform lives.

They can be woven, twisted, entwined, and pieced together to make a yarn, a gag, a poem, a story.

They can twist and turn, meander, and peregrinate. They can gallivant, traipse, stroll or gallop around, or they can fall about, hunker down, or be nailed down by force. They can be here and there, or just plain out of this world.

They can reveal the inner and outer worlds of angels, wastrels, or dragonflies. Tell of derring-do or daring done. Of calumny, subterfuge, apocalypse or epiphany.

They can flabbergast, electrify, spook, or offend. They can make a reader blubber, yowl, whoop or snicker.

They can create fables, memoir, morality tales, myths and sagas. They can make stories tall and lies white.

Let us help children bang out, formulate, inscribe, or otherwise set forth such stories!

What’s the worst that could happen? We might come unstuck, unglued, split our sides or crack up. But it will be priceless in the end.

A Maze of Story (AMoS) aims to empower children by unleashing their extraordinary imaginations, helping them envisage new worlds, and inspiring them to transform their lives, through the magic of words and stories.

AMoS is modelled on a number of other successful programs, all of which have been informed by the program, 826 Valencia. 826 Valencia was founded in San Francisco in 2002 by well-known writer Dave Eggers, in an attempt to link children with writers in his local community.

Since then, other affiliated programs have been set up across the United States, in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Michigan, New York City and Seattle, and other centres around the world have developed their own unique local programs.

In 2008, Dave Eggers gave a TED talk about what had been achieved by the ground-breaking 826 Valencia. He challenged others around the world to strive for similar success.

In 2010, Ministry of Stories was set up in London by Nick Hornby, Lucy Macnab and Ben Payne, and Roddy Doyle and Sean Love opened Fighting Words in Dublin.

Closer to home, the Sydney Story Factory in Redfern, which was co-founded by Catherine Keenan and Tim Dick in 2011, has provided invaluable assistance in the setting up of A Maze of Story.

In Melbourne there is 100 Story Building. Founders, Lachlann Carter, Jess Tran and Jenna Williams spent 3 months volunteering at 826 Valencia before setting up the 100 Story Building in Melbourne.

And in Perth, in 2013, AMoS was established by our founder, Gae Oaten.