Feedback from workshops


Michele Drouart, AE

Writer, Accredited Editor, and Teacher of Creative Writing

A Maze of Story Story-weaver

“I was delighted to be the Story-weaver for the second set of A Maze of Story in the schools. The children we had at Anzac Primary were conscientious and keen, and their stories, all completed, a good mix of very different themes and subjects. Working with them and our patient and helpful tutors, I think I learned as much as the children did from this experience and feel very privileged to have taken part. I am looking forward to seeing the stories in print.”

Penny Hanton

Retired Primary School Teacher

A Maze of Story Volunteer Tutor

“I found the workshop very interesting although much more structured than I anticipated. I thought the children were great and very much enjoyed my two nine year olds. I do hope you are able to rescue one of my student’s work? She worked so hard on her story, but then just ran out of time. I am looking forward to reading all the stories and am also very interested to see the way in which A Maze of Story develops over time.”

Jackie Poolman

Retired Secondary Art and English Teacher

A Maze of Story volunteer Tutor

“Thinking about the workshop, as before a great pleasure to work with the children and enjoyed their stories. What is so important is the rapport between the children and their tutors, that busy buzz in the room and their pride and pleasure in their stories. Interesting that this time they wanted to take home their drafts. This workshop was very different but again a very special experience.”

Barbara Stephenson

Singer Song Writer

A Maze of Story Volunteer Tutor

“Any doubts I might have held as to how I would go were completely eradicated. I found the whole experience really enjoyable and look forward to my next invite. The children were great – enthusiastic and brimming with ideas, and the 2:1 format worked really well. A real plus was Michelle. Our Story-weaver navigated the sessions with insight and experience and helped forge a cohesive group of both tutors and students. I found her insights and advice to be extremely helpful. Another plus – the team of tutors were a lovely group; coming from such varied backgrounds meant interesting conversations. I look forward to seeing the final published version of all our efforts.”

Molley Gardon

Aged 9, Bassendean Primary School

“I write because I enjoy it. I feel very lucky to be in this workshop and I am enjoying myself very much. I am writing a good story.”

Harry Evans

Aged 9, Bassendean Primary School

“I really love animals that is why I wrote about them. This is my first time writing a story that will go into a book, so I thought I should start with animals. The reason I love animals is because they are part of our lives. We should all take care of them, because they are the best things ever. I also wrote my story about gorillas because they are an endangered animal. I really wish it wasn’t so. There are many other endangered animals to write about.”

Harry Michael

Aged 9, Bassendean Primary School

“I wrote my story about a haunted mansion, because I like scary stuff. This is the first time I have ever written a story that will get published. I am pretty pleased, and I hope everyone who reads it likes it.”