Art Auction 2016

Artist: Yazmin Peach

Picture by: Yazmin Peach

The major fundraising event for A Maze of Story (AMoS) for 2016 was an art auction, which was held on 9th October 2016 at Centre for Stories, 100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge. The event was highly successful, raising a considerable amount to fund ongoing initiatives.

A number of leading Perth artists  generously donated artwork for the auction: Jenny JohnCamilla Loveridge,  Anne McCaugheyJohn OlsenLeon Pericles, and Di Taylor. Details of exhibiting artists can be found here.

A number of artists chose to submit works inspired by AMoS stories: ‘The Scratched Furniture’ by Christel Stockee from Eden Hill Primary School, ‘Six Reasons Why’ by Matilda Weaver from Maylands Primary School, The Lemonade Stand’ by Nathan Kollar from Embleton Primary School, ‘Yugi’s Adventure’ by Charlotte Artemjeu-Raats from West Balcatta Primary School, and ‘The House Next Door’ by Elena Momirski from Tuart Hill Primary School.

In addition, seven senior schools contributed student works to be auctioned. Each school presented works related to a particular story that was selected from one of the anthologies of children’s writing produced since we started the A Maze of Story program. Two selected works from each school were presented for auction.

Participating schools were:

Ashdale SHS illustrating Countenancea story written by Amelie Delarmare from Tuart Hill Primary School,

Melville SHS illustrating ‘The Magical Guitarist’ by Zeth Everingham from Tuart Hill Primary School,

Perth College illustrating The Path by Ashlee Perry from Eden Hill Primary School,

PLC illustrating Chamber by James Guanzon from Embleton Primary School,

Santa Maria illustrating The Mystery of the Pencil Caseby Mansi Malik from Tuart Hill Primary School,

Shenton College illustrating Wolf Spirit by Abigail Hunter from Bassendean Primary School, and

Warwick SHS illustratingThe Reunion by Jasmine Whitehead from Woodbridge Primary School.

In total, 44 artworks were auctioned, some via silent auction.

A Maze of Story would like to thank the wonderful people and organisations who helped to make this auction possible and in particular major sponsors The Centre for Stories and Captain Cook Cruises. Special thanks also to professional photographer Abigail Harman, who kindly photographed the artworks for viewing online, and Ron Farris of Ron Farris Real Estate who was our Auctioneer on the day.