About the artists

Howard Butterworth

Born in Rochdale in 1945, Howard Butterworth is a renowned Scottish Artist and has lived and painted professionally in Northern Scotland since 1968. Howard captures the atmospheric light and colours of Scotland in all its moods and seasons as only an artist painting outdoors can. Over the years he has painted and exhibited frequently and his work has increased in popularity worldwide, particularly his paintings of Scotland. His work spans the whole of Scotland and parts of Europe and Howard’s patrons include private and corporate buyers with several works featuring in the Royal Collections of H.M. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Sarah Francis

After Graduating from Claremont School of Art in 1983, Sarah began to both exhibit and teach. Exhibitions include Sabemo T.L.C. Art Award, PICA “Gotham Goes Shopping” Tresillian “Works On Paper”, Hand Print Design Gallery, Fremantle “Journey Through Silk” and Spring Exhibitions at the International Gallery, Van Hall Gallery and Cottage Hospice. She is represented in Private Collections throughout Australia and overseas; Company Collections include The Rule Group; Fremantle Port Authority; J Yerkovich Fundraising Foundation; Senator Jo Valentine; The Cottage Hospice; Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital; King Edward Memorial Hospital; Fremantle Tug Operators. She has conducted classes and workshops in her studio in various mediums and with an emphasis on colour mixing. Also and more recently, she has developed a passion for mosaic and, working with her students, produced a large mosaic for the City of Cockburn “Pioneers of Yester Year”.

Abigail Harman

Abigail Harman has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years. She trained to be a photographer at Michigan State University, USA, finishing in Cambridge, UK. At various times she has been a medical photographer, a fine art photographer, a wedding photographer and a corporate photographer. Abigail has even photographed the Queen of England. Having been based in Perth for the last 16 years, she now regularly photographs ministers, senators, prime ministers at corporate events, media opportunities and also in a studio environment. Abigail also very kindly photographed the artworks for the catalogue of this exhibition.

Per Johansen

Per Johansen, 1942-2011. Per Johansen was born in Norway and moved to Australia in 1966. During his Lecturing career at Edith Cowan University, he discovered a passion for clay and became an accomplished potter in his spare time. Per was inspired by the vivid colours of Australia juxtaposed with the soft colours of its wide sand beaches and grey-green scrubby dunes.

Jenny John

Jenny has participated in many group exhibitions in both pottery and painting and won awards. She is currently a member of Ceramics Victoria and in the past has been a member of other pottery and painting societies. Jenny has also taught, demonstrated and judged with other groups. ‘My pottery and painting reflect my childhood in the country. I incorporate the patterns, textures and colours of the landscape into my red raku clay tiles and larger slab forms. I have also been lucky enough to travel to China, Japan, and Europe – all of which provide further inspiration and reference for my work today.’ Jenny’s work includes a range of ceramics; from finely-carved porcelain with celadon glazes to domestic pots and landscape tiles with rough, dry textured surfaces. She also creates fine watercolour and pen and ink sketches of rural Australian scenes and historic buildings. The inspiration for Jenny’s work has come from many sources in both her art forms. The early Australian plain air artists with their understanding of light and simplification of the landscape have always been an influence. With ceramics, Jenny enjoys the work of potters who have an understanding of the beauty of a simple form, and who create wonderfully textured surfaces.

Jasna Karajcic-Ryan

Jasna Karajcic-Ryan was born in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. ‘I have been a practicing artist for many years. I am interested in memories and how they affect our life and art. I mainly work with textile and oil paint and sometimes a combination of the two. I have a very strong connection with many other cultures.’

Susan Lorrimar

Sue Lorrimar was born in 1948. ‘Classes with William Boissevain were my first formal experience with painting when I was 20 years old. He was inspirational in his encouragement and praise. His work had a unique lyrical style, which influenced his pupils. I returned to art in my forties when I took up watercolours while with an artist friend on Rottnest Island and have been painting ever since.’

Camilla Loveridge

Born in Kenya, Camilla grew up in the UK and S. Africa and then moved to Perth in 1977. She graduated from Curtin with a BAFA (Printmaking major) in 1978 and a Grad Dip Ed in 1979. Camilla then taught Visual Arts in high schools around WA. She also lectured in PNG (Art Ed and English) as a volunteer through PALMS (Paulian Association of Lay Missions Secretariat). In 2005 she received an MCA and then established her own arts practice, with portraiture her passion. In 2013 Camilla took up a lecturing position at Central TAFE, teaching Art to adults with disabilities for three years. She continues her focus in helping create positive social change and opportunities for people with a disability through her art teaching at DADAA WA. With a passion for lifelong learning and the integration of art into the community, Camilla works to connect people locally, through residencies and workshops at various arts venues in Perth and rural centres.

Anne Marie McCaughy

Born in Northern Ireland, she attended Brighton in the U.K, which specialised in Fine Art Illustration. While there, she received many prizes and awards and was represented in a number of European travelling exhibitions of prize-winning illustrations. She studied art for six years in total, taking the opportunity to do a postgraduate qualification in nineteenth and twentieth century Art History. After graduation, McCaughey lived and worked in London, creating illustrations for the glossy magazines of the day, Honey, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. She returned to live in Ireland in the late eighties and moved fulltime into painting and lecturing. McCaughey has had twenty-five solo exhibitions in a variety of countries, which include, the United States, France, England and Ireland and her work features in collections worldwide. She is represented in the private collections of HRH Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Abercorn and U2 among others. Her work is in the public collections of the Northern Bank, Ulster Bank, BBC1 Northern Ireland, the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, the Royal Victoria Hospital, Sussex University, CBC Fremantle, Ursula Frayne College and John Curtin College of the Arts.

Bob McQueen

Bob McQueen discovered a practical streak while attending Perth Boys Technical School. As a young man in the 1960’s he attended night school art classes where he combined this practical streak with a growing love of art and discovered sculpture with metal was his favourite medium. As a retiree, he has rediscovered his passion for metal sculpture. An avid reader of fantasy fiction, Bob holds the opinion that as dragons are integral in many cultures’ creation stories around the globe, that dragons must have indeed existed in some form or another. After reading many of the stories children have produced with A Maze of Story, Bob realised that dragons are eternally popular with the young and young at heart. His creation is a protector of all the beings who reside in the house he guards.

Danna Neuss

Danna Neuss grew up in a house where her mother always had a painting on the go. As a young woman, she attended art classes at night and dabbled in many forms of art, including sculpture. Later, she completed a Diploma of Art and Design, which allowed her to experience a wide range of media. Jewellery making and sculpture were areas she really enjoyed, but painting with acrylics has always been her favourite medium in which to work. After reading stories from A Maze of Story, Danna has created two pieces. One is a story of a baby wolf found in the forest and the other is a story about a robot dog and a real dog meeting for the first time.

John Olsen

Olsen has made many trips to Lake Eyre and this is one of the etchings he did after such a trip, when the Lake was in flood and attracted so much bird life. It is included in the book My Complete Graphics John Olsen 1957-79 published in 1980 by Australian Galleries (p.86.) At 88 Olsen has a secure hold on the crown as Australia's greatest living painter. He's as close to a household name as an artist could be. It is more than four decades since John Olsen painted his mural Salute to Five Bells inside the Sydney Opera House. A retrospective of his work is now showing at the National Gallery of Victoria until 12th Feb 2017, and in March it will move to the Art Gallery of NSW until June 12th 2017. It is hard to think of another living Australian artist bestowed with two major retrospectives a generation apart.

Leon Pericles

Leon Pericles is one of Australia’s most recognised and uniquely talented artists. A master printmaker, Leon’s extraordinary creativity and technical skill have resulted in a highly impressive and extensive body of work. With over 140 solo exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally Leon’s works are held in National and State Galleries. His highly collectable pieces utilise a range of mediums. Whilst his work is heavily focused on Australian culture, Leon’s subject matter extends to fictional places and fantasy, with his works often witty and delighting in the absurd. As a printmaker, Leon has focused particularly on etching and collograph with his technical brilliance in the medium evident in the wide body of work he has produced. Leon’s work engages and challenges the viewer to experience his unique, whimsical and often farcical view of the world. Robert Juniper said of Leon “The outstanding quality of Leon’s work is his youthful exuberance; smiling and witty, his puckish humour touches all subjects. Combined with a mastery of technique and experimentation he manages to put laughter on a higher plane.” After more than 40 years of artistic practice, Leon’s youthful exuberance still explodes through his images. Not one to rest on his laurels Leon continues to explore new mediums and to produce with unencumbered passion ever more sublime works.

Di Taylor

Di started her art career at the National Art School in Sydney when she was 17, and then went to live in the country, for love. Now with success tucked firmly under her arm having many solo exhibitions annually - Melbourne, Margaret River, Yallingup, Broome, and Artist in Residence for the Hawaiian Group, and DiVerse Studio in Angove Street, North Perth, and represented in many large corporate collections. Di supports charities- Starlight. Uniting Care West, Save The Children, PMH foundation to name a few, and is proud to have been on the Board of Directors of Artrinsic Inc for the last 4 years. Di is recognised as a prominent West Australian established artist, exhibiting and judging as a senior artist, and is now a permanent fixture on Angrove Street, North Perth where she can be seen in ‘DiVerse Studio’ painting daily. After exhibiting for over 40 years with many prominent galleries. Di has chosen to now be independent in Perth, allowing her to make a difference as a philanthropist. “To be complacent is not an option, I strive to be inventive, creative, inspiring and always compassionate.”

Joy Thomas

Joy Thomas was born in Geraldton, Western Australia in 1951, and spent her formative years in the South West of Western Australia. Majoring in art at Claremont Teacher’s College she then continued her studies at Central TAFE. There she pursued a Diploma of Fine Arts where she took the opportunity to experiment with several mediums, such as acrylics, pastels, watercolour and oils. Joy was an art teacher for over 14 years. Newly retired, she is now able to fully engage in her art practice along with her love of writing and travelling. Joy’s inspiration comes from nature and the ancient earth. This oil painting was inspired by the gumnuts that constantly fell from the old gum trees outside the art room where she worked. It is a diptych as she felt this honoured their age.

Jodie Weir

Jody is a doctor who has been painting in her spare time for 10 years. Her interests are contemporary portraiture and painting the human form.


June Young

June was born in Sydney and ever since childhood has been passionate about painting. In the years after training she taught, travelled, lectured, gave seminars and workshops and held the position of Patron of the Central Coast Watercolour Society when living in that area. She is a Fellow of The Royal Art Society of NSW and has served on its Council.  She has won numerous awards and has been appointed Judge for many competitive exhibitions.  Her work hangs in private and public collections in Australia and in private collections overseas.



Santa Maria College

Year 9 art students

Jenna Clark, Priscilla Rossi, Georgia Raffa


Year 10 art students

Sophia Gawan-Taylor, Sonya Frossine

Melville Senior High School

Year 12 art students

Cristanta Marinas, Chloe Dagostino,

Ashdale Secondary College

Year 11 art students

Natasha Mvgavu, Yasmin Mnahy

Perth College

Year 11 art students

Alida Pilson, Anna Jorgensen

Warwick Senior High School

Year 9 art students

Tiana Thomson, Julia Pham & Elli Howath (Uni prac student/teacher)

Shenton College

Year 10 art students

Sophia Niedda, Katie Watson & Jasmine Coh


Eden Hill Primary School

Christel Slockee

Bassendean Primary School

Abigail Hunter

Eden Hill Primary School

Ashlee Perry

Embleton Primary School

Nathan Kollar, James Guanzon

Maylands Peninsula Primary School

Matilda Weaver

Tuart Hill Primary School

Elena Momirski, Mansi Malik, Zeth Everingham, Amelie Delarmare

West Balcatta Primary School

Charlotte Artemjeu-Raats

Woodbridge Primary School

Jasmine Whitehead